Jeroen van Inkel kicks off of social media

9eeade3abf0b7d6559815ce842333457 - Jeroen van Inkel kicks off of social media

Jeroen van Inkel stops equally with Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. Reason for his decision is the addictiveness of social media. This allowed the radio host to know in his program You day is good on NPO Radio 5, in which the subject treated.

“A lot of fifty-plus listeners to prove themselves every day for hours on social media or know people in their area who do that. Because of this, they perform less work, they lose the one-on-eencontact with the environment or face them with sleep deprivation. I go online is antisocial.”

Jeroen is wondering if he is addicted. “I stop for in each case three days with WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. I want to look at the impact that on me. I’m addicted, I get withdrawal symptoms? Do I sleep better? I have more contact with family and friends? Perform I be better at my work? I share my experiences during my ochtendshows and hope that I listeners inspire to moderate with social media!”

Jeroen van Inkel presents since January 2, the morning Your day is good for omroep MAX. He is every day between 07.00 and 10.00 hours to hear.

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