Henk Bres overjoyed: doctors give Corry is still ’years’

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Two times was the life of Henk Bres and his wife Corry in the last year completely turned upside thrown. The first time was the striking Dude to hear that Corry was seriously ill and only a few months to live. Now if by some miracle the tide is turned: the doctors had a wrong diagnosis made.

It is may of 2017 if the 65-year-old Henk and the 61-year-old Corry by chance discover that Corry is sick. “I went to the doctor, because I can hardly walk and she just went along to have a time to look”, says Henk. “When it turned out that there was something wrong in her blood. To make a long story short: it was really not good.”

After many studies found the doctors an aggressive form of stomach cancer that metastasized to the bones. “That was pretty intense news. I asked them: ’What is the life expectancy?’ Well, that was less than a year. Then you are just completely lost. As if the world suddenly collapses,” says Henk.


Henk and Corry decisions at this time no chemo to start, but start instead with the use of cannabis, something that cancer patients sometimes benefit from. That seems to work, because after a few months it seems there is nothing changed. “The doctor saw it also,” says Henk. “He says:” You still looks so good’. We thought that the cannabis was.”

After new tests and scans, the doctors stumped. “They said that they have long been dead, should have his or at least on her deathbed to lie,” says Henk. A second opinion and more tests followed, after which the cause was found.

Life expectancy

“The cancer that they were looking for was quite difficult to discover. It was, in fact, no aggressive stomach cancer spread to the bones, but a mild form of breast cancer spread to the stomach and the bones. The diagnosis was good, but the type of cancer, and there they made a mistake,” says Henk, who direct the life expectancy of his wife wanted to hear. “When looked at the doctor us with tears in the eyes, and she gave us a wink: for years, years!”

Although Corry is still sick, is this form of cancer is very easy to tackle. Henk still can’t quite believe. “You’re really eight months through hell went wrong”, he looks back. In everything he and Corry the past few months did, they wondered, or perhaps the last time was.

Christmas tree

“When they after christmas the christmas tree went pack up for example”, says Henk. “We were both crying. Maybe it was our last christmas tree. And they once had a nice thing to buy. But then you have something like: yes, why would I buy it? I’m going to die anyway. But now it is all very different”, says a dolgelukkige Henk. “I realize the not yet.”

To celebrate life, let Henk and Corry both a tattoo on their back. It is a picture of two fists each other a boxing, a symbolic meaning. “Every morning and night we say to each other: we go there for and then we give each other a boxing,” explains Henk. “And soon, we will go back again for a small wietplantje there. Because I still think that that also has helped.”

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