Green light for reform European uitstoothandel

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The European Parliament gave the green light to a reform of the market for emission rights. Intended is the cost for the emissions of greenhouse gases to increase, so the industry is more encouraged to invest in cleaner production and emissions reduction.

Since 2005, more than 12,000 European industrial companies and energy producers rights obtained for the emissions of greenhouse gases. Companies that invest in a cleaner production and less emissions, can their excess rights on the market. But since the past few years, too many rights were on the market, plummeted the cost.

Therefore, going to Europe, the annual reduction of the emission rights to accelerate and more excess rights from the market. “Thanks to this reform, we will switch to a higher gear: in place of our emissions each year, with 38 million tons to build, we go from 2021 to 50 million tonnes per year. That is the equivalent of the annual closure of three large coal-fired power plants’, count Ivo Belet (CD&V).

Price increase

By the announced reform is the price the past year and a half already increased from 5 to 9 euro per ton of CO2, know Prevent. The price increase will be, according to him lead to that the stream of fired gas plants in proportion more cost-effective than power from coal fired power plants. “That is important in the light of the Belgian energiepact, because the closure of our nuclear power stations in a first phase will need to be managed with extra-fired gas plants.’

Prevents that Europe the ‘right balance’ has been found ‘between investments in clean energy and the preservation of jobs in Europe, but Bart Staes (Green), the reform is “minimal”. ‘For a decent price, there will be a lot more must be done’, he says.

Supplementary policy

According to Staes, member states will additional policy if Europe by 2030 emissions by 40 percent wants to reduce, such as at the climate change conference in Paris is promised. ‘Countries are completely free to go further than the minimum rules of the EU agreement. So in Belgium, we immediately set a reserve price for ETS allowances to enter. An effective climate policy, in other words really a matter of political will.’

Mark Demesmaeker (N-VA) will find that there is more protection had allowed for businesses that have to prevail against competitors from parts of the world with less stringent klimaatwetten. “We should winners not losers. We want to do with Flanders and Europe in the front of the peloton, driving, without, however, the flat band. Demesmaeker is happy with the new innovation fund, that pioniersprojecten will support on areas such as carbon sequestration and renewable energy.

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