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Gordon has become thin

b49b116fe7fa6a76351554ec550715e5 - Gordon has become thin

Gordon is the last year 16 pounds. And the proof of this is clearly seen in the photos.

The presenter posted a photo of the beginning of 2017 and one of the beginning of this year and the difference is significant. His face is much, much sleeker.

Minus 16 pounds! A year ago left and right last month 😳#proud #nevergiveup #mynewlife #love #nog5kilotegaan

A post shared by gordonheuckeroth (@gordonheuckeroth) on Feb 5, 2018 at 6:19am PST

Under the Instagrampost schrijt Gordon that he has 5 kilos of extra want to lose weight for he at his goal weight is. Then he together so of 21 pounds lost.

Elimination race

The elimination race began last year for his program, Gordon is going to marry… But with whom? Gordon wanted tightly to his wedding begin. The wedding eventually went through, but the to be thinner.

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