Good numbers for the Matter and The Appointment

21d68cf8b6bb4c5ab62c1497d22545fa - Good numbers for the Matter and The Appointment

The duidingsprogramma’s the Matter and The appointment on the Canvas are the past month very well viewed. That know The Standard. On average, achieved The appointment in January 322.572 viewers. That is 19 percent more than last year – when was the average for that month 271.909 viewers. Also on the Matter knew the 243.446 viewers are average compared to last year, in 2017 took the program in January, on average, 216.336 observing eyes. That is an increase of 12 percent. The duidingsprogramma’s have been around since the fall of 2016 to a steady growth in progress. With an average huge success of 214.736 reached on the Matter in 2017 and again the level of 2014.

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