’Golfbabe’: am not here thanks to cleavage

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DUBAI – Re Paige Spiranac explain: no, she is not a golfer because of her deep cleavage or beautiful looks. While the 24-year-old athlete is struggling with its image, try the world of golf in Dubai her in the arms to close.

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Spiranac is extremely popular on Instagram (1.2 million followers), where they are often challenging photos to post. Which is why you see some of her as a “model happens to have a golf club in hand.”

Painful, says Spiranac. “People say that I am successful because I m’n cleavage show, it is unfair. That is the injustice of what women encounter day by day in golf. If I was a man with the same social media followers, had no one that said,” complains Spiranac.

Dubai: just embrace it

Critics see the U.s. as a publicity stunt. Because Spiranac not to the world belongs, she plays rarely at major tournaments in her home country. On the other side of the world, in Dubai, it is appreciated.

“The sport should open up for smart social media types that attract new talent,” said an employee of the organization of the Dubai Desert Classic against The Guardian.

Death threats

Spiranac broke in 2016 once in tears during a press conference. The haatreacties were heavy. “I got death threats, people had no respect for personal privacy, I was geblackmailed,” she says. But to change? That never. “I had always been a different style of clothing. I love golf, but I think we’re a lot more progressive.”

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