Girl freezes to death on front porch

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Akron – A 2-year-old girl appears frozen to death on the porch for her house. Her father was inside sleeping, and her mother was shopping.

Wynter Parker was without winter clothing to the outside crept in when her mother and their 4-year old son just out the door. According to the Akron Beacon Journal was freezing at that time, fifteen degrees.

The girl was in front of the door was found by her mother two hours later came home. She was already outside knowledge. The Washington Post, the marrows you to the bone conversation to hear that they are using the emergency number 911 performed. “”My daughter! She is frozen, she is frozen. She does not respond more. My god, what should I do?”

Wynter died in the hospital.

Pediatrician Heather Trnka: “At such temperatures, the body can within a 30-minute freeze. If you have small children progress more rapidly than adults.”

There is still no decision taken or the father will be prosecuted. The man was just of a night shift at home and on the couch asleep. Neighbors say a regional tv channel that there are more children in the family around the house were not in the holes they were held.

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