Gerard Joling buzzing to transgendergrap VI

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Gerard Joling find the commotion around the transgendergrap of René van der Jibe at Football Inside incomprehensible. The singer and presenter had to myself so much to laugh at, he said Tuesday on RTL.

“Of course I followed. It’s fantastic,” said Gerard, when him in the studio for his opinion on the question was asked. “It is only but good that it is negotiable. And that there are so harsh on this response is not needed. All those travo’s and transgenders find it just fun.”

“I found this a brilliant joke”, Gerard, who in the past also a few times at the table with Football Inside sat. “It’s any, you know how guests are. I don’t know where everyone is so busy . I have to laugh, sorry.”

Van der Jibe and Johan Derksen strike Friday, the dragon with the coming-out of the Belgian transgender Bo boudewijn van Spilbeeck. That gave the two a storm of criticism. Monday they responded during Football Inside for the first time on the issue. Both found that there have been a large point of the joke was made. “We are completely blown in this country,” said Van der Jibe.

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