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Genk can prepare for fifth cup final

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The first finalist of the Croky Cup 2018 is known. Racing Genk had the heenwedstrijd with 3-2-lost but won the second leg 1-0 against KV Kortrijk thanks to an early goal by Ibrahima Seck. Genk is allowed as format for the cup final number five.

It was not exactly a first half to feast in the Luminus Arena, but the best chances were for an enthusiastic Genk. Kumordzi blasted first, a good schietkans next, but a minute later it was touch. Newcomer Seck with a hard header. Untenable for Kaminski and 1-0 for the home team. Immediately after that, it was almost 2-0 but Ingvartsen lap in front.

On the half hour, there was still, even the CHAMBER of commerce. Ajagun put Perbet only for the purpose but instead of a few meters by walk, chose that immediately before the shot. The Fransmans place the ball above the cover strip. On the other side struck a fine free-kick from Pozuelo sleeper, on the counter could Chevalier a lob just not fit. Genk at rest so virtually in the final.

Genk forget it

Kortrijk shot well out of the starting blocks in the second half, but a lot of opportunities provided that are not on. Genk has created quickly as a possibility. Seck was all the way in the sixteen, but the defender got his second of the night against the nets. Colley was well away with a yellow after a surgery after a bad control, and on the other side missed Ouali at the end.

It was now nice on a down, but the visor of Samatta was not sharp. He turned well toward the goal, but kicked then close about the cage of Kaminski. On the other side kicked also Perbet a good chance on goal. Makarenko defended than strong in a dangerous cross from Buffalo, while the CHAMBER of commerce with ten stems had after an injury for Rougeaux and because the bills already were.

Kortrijk was no more scoring and so won Genk with 1-0. Good for the fifth cup final for the People. Their previous four (1998, 2000, 2009 and 2013) and won them all. Wait and see if Club Brugge or Standard change that can bring.

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