FOUR takes finally out with Gent-West

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After years of abuse is Veronique Dockx after a failed attempt to murder her husband ended up in the prison of Ghent West. While the date of her trial is approaching, she is between two fires: two competing gangs control their lives, and try as quickly as possible, Veronique incorporation. Veronique finds it difficult to her turn in this new, and for its threatening environment where lies, manipulation and blackmail are more the rule than the exception.

The exciting gevangenisdrama ‘Ghent West’ was a striking female amazing cast: Ruth Becquart, Gilda De Bal, Evelien Bosmans, Charlotte Anne Bongaerts and Joke Devynck, but some well-known names that appear in the new FOUR series.

Ghent West – Starting tomorrow, every Wednesday at 21u35 at FOUR

Veronique Dockx
(Ruth Becquart)
Veronique aka Red light is the nieuwelinge in Ghent West. She is in custody on suspicion of attempted murder, after the stop on her blown because her husband David her for years has terrorized and abused.

Sam(antha) Beckers
(Charlotte Anne Bongaerts)
Sam is a natural leader on the department. She isn’t there to back her sex appeal to play to her status to strengthen.

Cat(leen) Jacobs
(Gilda De Bal)
Kathleen aka Kat, is an ancien in Ghent West. She is a master manipulator who, together with her husband Vincent, a powerful network has developed that they are pulling the strings like to be tight in your hands.

Sarah Van Marcke
(Evelien Bosmans)
Sarah is policy coordinator. Her task is to help the inmates ready for the outside world. They put everything on the line to the director of the institution.

Vera Deloo
(Inge Paulussen)
Vera is adjutant of the director. Her job means everything to Vera. In addition, she has no life, makes her manipulative and overbeschermende mother Rita.

Anja Vandael
(Els Olaerts)
Anja is blokverantwoordelijke, she is the prisoner that mediate between the prisoners and as their spokesman occurs. Within the prison walls, everyone can at Anja with concerns or problems.

Sacha Hamid
(Julia Ghysels)
Under the influence of alcohol and drugs has Sacha had an accident in which her friend died. They will pay a heavy toll in prison for this youthful misstep.

Steve Wulf
(Gert Winckelmans)
Warden Steve is a former professional soldier. He suffers from PTSD (post-traumatic-stressstoornis) after he ill-fated war colleagues saw perish. He has the heart on the tongue.

Tom Vrankx
(Michael Only)
Tom is kwartierchef. He has a heavy past of drink and drugs. He has a point put behind that unrestrained life when he Christel Wouters met.

Fiona Jovanovic
(Greet Verstraete)
Fiona, better known as a Narrow, is the faithful canine the right hand of Sam Beckers.

Farah Tahiri
(Tatyana Beloy)
Farah has a relationship with Sam, and there they come, openly. She is introverted, gentle nature and unconditional loyalty to Sam.

Linda Dhondt
(Kadèr Gürbüz)
Linda is one of the female warders. She is critical set up and usually takes no sheet before the mouth.

Patsy Van Lancker
(Veerle Dobbelaere)
Patsy is inside and outside the prison walls the right hand of Cat Jacobs and by extension the faithful of the whole clan Jacobs.

Luna Moreels
(Anna De Ceulaer)
Luna is the daughter of David Moreels and Veronique Dockx. As Veronique in the prison ends up and her father can’t cope, starts Luna to rebel.

Harry Van den Broeck
(Lucas Van den Eynde)
Harry is the Regional Director, a representative of the Directorate-General of Penitentiary Institutions. He is an alpha male with only one goal in mind: to score with his superiors.

Malika Diallo
(Ashley Ntangu)
Malika is the heavy drug addict celgenote of Sacha.

Kevin Jacobs
(Lukas Bulteel)
Kevin is the son of Cat and Vincent Jacobs. He is on the point of the leadership of the network of the Jacobs family to take over.

Lindsey Moens
(Laurence Roothooft)
Lindsey is a drug addict and courier, both within and outside the prison walls. Outside the walls she is also the single mother of a 10-year-old Lisa.

Christel Wouters
(Joke Devynck)
Christel is managing director of Ghent West. She is strict, but fair, and experienced in her job. She is married with kwartierchef Tom Vrankx.

Gent-West, every Wednesday at 21.35 on FOUR.

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