Fine for motorist who warm clothes to the homeless gives

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Leicester – The friendly man who last christmas in warm clothing and festive snacks gave them to the homeless in the Uk Leicester, by the church at the bon thrown. During his heart-warming action, he parked his car on the bus lane. That resulted in a penalty and the municipality of leave in a letter even after a ’careful balancing’ the penalty is not lost to scold.

The 43-year-old Briton, called Lee Williamson, finds it ridiculous that he converted nearly 80 euros to pay because he had stopped on the bus lane. He parked there his car so that he is a homeless man wearing a hat, gloves, a scarf and something to eat. The shock was therefore great when the fine on the mat and fell.

No buses

In an email, he tried explain the situation. He argued that on Christmas day not even buses reason. The municipality said it is a sympathetic action, but the penalty is not lost to scold. Even after a ’careful consideration’ means the municipality of guns. The fine must and will be paid. But that’s Lee don’t plan. If necessary, wants the ex-soldier’s case in the courtroom fight.

The compassionate Brit has the feeling that he is “is punished for his good deed”, he says to DailyMail. The news site publishes photos of the disappointed father, and his penance.

’I stay to help,”

With five euros, you can do a lot of good, Lee, who, incidentally, will never stop helping people. “If someone my need help, then I’m there.”

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