Fierce indignation to salary of Astrid Joosten

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For weeks it hung in the air: what would Astrid Joosten, presenter of the tv program What you earn? actually earn. With the consent of the executive board, she revealed that last night in the program. Her answer, called among viewers a storm of indignant responses.

On social media expressing viewers their amazement about the extent of the amount of 175,000 euros Joosten annually on its account credit. Under the balkenendenorm, defends them yourself, though, ” but seriously, where will Astrid Joosten 175K per year, ask for superiors.

Most people know her from the quiz in Two to twelve, of which they for years the face. Itself she said that yesterday in an interview with our newspaper about that they amount to ’much more’ than present. “I get just a paycheck for my work. I produce my own program. However, I do a lot more than present. As editors, part of the final editing, and I’m sitting with the interviews for my teams. In addition, I think often of my own programs. Actually, I’m not a presenter, but a producer.”

Not a big issue

She was not nervous for any comments on her salary. “No, not at all. I have no idea how it is going to fall. But I think it’s completely not a big issue.” It is the most wrong. One draws comparisons with the salaries of the judges – ’Two times as much as a right ” – medical specialists and nurses. Also, one wonders, as Joosten already 175.000 euro earn, how many ’male presenters then do not earn.? And remember, say some, ’it is our money’.

Joosten indicated that the amount entirely correct and there are no escapes sit in the calculation by the broadcaster. “No, the amount is correct. There is no own bv which I my programs produce.” On Twitter is, however, suggested that the presenter still deserves much more thanks to jobs as a public speaker. Joosten themselves lead the attention by tweeting about the reward of a krantenjournaliste, who yesterday revealed 13 cents per word to earn. Joosten: “A great shame! Which newspaper responding?!”


At the beginning of last year, minister Plasterk is still a bill that the salary of presenters at the public broadcaster would be limited to a maximum of 181.000 euros per year. That law was already ready on the shelf, but the new government has nothing done.

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