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False outrage over incorrect jokes

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After sounds totally fake about Bo boudewijn Van Spilbeeck in the Netherlands are eagerly debated about politically incorrect humor. There are limits to jokes? When us pulls Philippe Geubels in Taboo careful one.

There is a remarkable debate in the Netherlands about the limits of television humour. The following is a joke about the Flemish journalist and transgender Bo boudewijn Van Spilbeeck, in the voetbalmagazine Football Inside …

There is a remarkable debate in the Netherlands about the limits of television humour. The following is a joke about the Flemish journalist and transgender Bo boudewijn Van Spilbeeck, in the voetbalmagazine Football Inside last Friday. Ex-footballer René Van der Jibe appeared in the studio with a wig and lipstick and was Renate. At RTL were complaints within, also from a political angle. Monday was the buzz as high sustained that RTL, the channel on which the program is promised to the three presenters on the fingers tapping.

The Bo-relletje is linked to The Luizenmoeder, the wildly popular NPO3-sitcom about a crippled foot village school. The series took last Sunday evening, more than 3.5 million viewers (the defeated, thus, the players of Orange). The humor in the series is described as hard, vilein, and, yes, even “politically incorrect”. Opinion-makers find it liberating to be able to laugh’.

Be embarrassing, not politically incorrect

In the Algemeen Dagblad tried the producer-director of The luizenmoeder the success of the humor to be explained. He used the exact same phrase as the defenders of the Football Inside-sounds totally fake: “We say just what people think.” “Why can The luizenmoeder , however, and it is voetbalgrapje a step too far?’, the question was in debatprogramma’s all kinds of.

Strictly speaking, the humour in The luizenmoeder be embarrassing, but it is not politically incorrect. The series of laughs, for example, with the persistent latent racist remarks of one of the schooljuffen. Of a black father, she thinks that he is the poetsman is and she is an adopted girl with Asian features found in the English language. The target of that so-called vicious jokes in The luizenmoeder are just the people who are politically incorrect behavior. And that’s pretty politically correct. The real politically incorrect joke was made in Football Inside. But it was a joke that had not made?

“Oh yes, it was a flat mop, will probably be very successful with an audience of football fans,” says Stijn Van der Stockt, editor-in-chief of the satirical website The Raaskalderij. “The question is not whether that mop had not made may be, it is also wrong to constantly outrage over incorrect jokes to to cry. But what’s really interesting was that mop is not. You see, we have last week on The Raaskalderij also a joke about Bo made: that they, now she, has become, a large part of her salary should return. Such a joke, I myself much prefer over Bo. The joke is intelligent. Because they are playing in on a debate that’s been running: that the gender pay gap.’

Uncomfortable laughing with Allah

Just at the moment that there is in the Netherlands a debate in history about the border of humor, we saw Philippe Geubels careful to draw a line. In the episode of Taboo last Sunday, about people with a different skin color, he is consciously not joke about Allah. One of his guests, a muslim, had indicated that there is with god not to smile fell. Not really. In previous episodes looked Geubels just that no-gozones on, now he stayed away.

‘There must be with everything laugh can be,’ says Van der Stockt. “But everything has a context and a place. Geubels made for Taboo is the right choice: not to schofferen. Yes, I felt also uncomfortable, but that was so strong. I was faced with a taboo. For higher educated, white men like me is the absolute primacy of religion ridiculous. Therefore, it is so confronting to come into contact with someone who has that primacy, just the essence of his life. There is no compromise about to close: that explains a gap is exposed. There’s no joke to think that bridges the gap.’

“Politically correct” is not the same anymore

With time the concept of “politically correct” at all of meaning shifted. “What used to be politically incorrect was, in a certain part of the population just politically correct become, and vice versa,” says Van der Stockt. Times change, socially accepted ideas shift. It has an impact on the jokes that you make.

That said, Han Coucke few weeks ago, in an interview inThe Standard. “You can be sexist and racist humor is no longer as free as it used to. Han Solo had in the beginning a few very straight, racist jokes. That was really a statement of that character created: I am right so I make racist jokes. You can no longer get away with it.’

Van der Stockt, agrees. ‘In my student days I played, so to speak, right folkgroepje. We sang things about Jews and disabled people who really could not. A joke is successful when people laugh.’ What if the wrong people are laughing with your jokes? ‘Then it becomes really interesting, ” says Van der Stockt.

“We have last week on The Raaskalderij a joke about a transmigrant “born in the wrong nationality”. That piece is one of our best-shared pieces ever. Because both people who have the right ideas to adhere to like the people that left, saw a good joke in. Right, thought we all that are ever onnozelere excuses of the left onderuithaalden, and the left thought that we are that right-wing boxes, and the strict grenzenbeleid on the grain names. It was a paradox. Humor that is so ambiguous, it is the allerinteressantste.’

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