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Ex-Q3 ” there Kristel Verbeke gets her own program

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Kristel Verbeke from 19 February for the new program Kinderkopkes ” in conversation with boys and girls between 9 and 13 years about their concerns. She talks with them about their goal in life, busy parents, all about luck, but also about brute bad luck. Not the parents, teachers, or experts, but the children themselves tell you how they live.

Kinderkopkes is the first television programme for adults in which children are the only true interlocutor. If it’s about how children think, how they feel, what they need or where they struggle, it is very often adults do the talking.

But how children see life itself? What are they worried about? Where are they happy?

To find out, Kristel Verbeke each episode is rich in conversation with one child. In total are watching the program through the eyes of six different children to the large and small things in life and the world around us.

‘Small people, with the right to participation’

That Verbeke the program, is no coincidence. She has been active for years working with children: not only Q3, but also as an ambassador for the Been and as the presenter of the Teen program, Generation K.

After years with children to work together, I am convinced that we, as adults, children as fully-fledged interlocutor must see, ” says Verbeke. ‘Children are for me not only playing these cheeky chimps, but little people who have the right to have a say and their own opinion.’

Kinderkopkes: from February 19, every Monday at 21.30 hours on One.

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