’Ex-boyfriend: how Melania to her origin forgot’

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Now the marriage of Melania Trump with Donald in a major crisis, let ex-friend Jure Zorcic his light on the Melania before the Slovenian her luck in America tried and her home forever left. He shares his memories of his time with her with ABC News.

It would be in the summer of 1991, claims to be Jure Zorcic, just after the country became independent of Yugoslavia. The 21-year-old Melania walked through one of the empty streets of the city, by the military-occupied town. And there was Zorcic over on his motorcycle. “It was like in a movie. When I pass her reed, I thought: ’Wow, who is this woman? She is so beautiful, I must turn around and follow her’.” So he fell into conversation with the Slovenian and knew her, heavily impressed by her beauty, her style, to a cup of coffee to seduce. “She was so tall, she was wearing such good clothes, her hair fell about her face, I could see her eyes hardly see, she had style! Yes, she was in a dream when all of a life in Italy or France, a life of fashion.”

The cup of coffee led to a love that a few months would last, according to Zorcic. They reason on warm summer days together at the lake with friends loom of their time. But when Melania as a model could begin, struck up the relationship on his end. “She said that an offer had been for a campaign of a haarverzorgingsbedrijf, so she left.” The rest is history. After Melania some time in Paris and Milan stayed, she left, eventually to New york. There she found at a party in september 1998, the businessman Donald Trump.


Two years later, in 2000, found Zorcic her there again. The magic of that summer in 1991 was long gone. She spoke even more of her own language, said the Slovenian bitter. “They talked in English with me. I asked her: ’did you forget that you are Slovenian?”. She told me that she her time spent traveling between New York and Fort Lauerdale, Florida and that they never would return to Slovenia.”

About her marriage with Trump thinks he his. “It was her fate. But no one had twenty years ago may remember that they are on Fifth Avenue would be to live in the Trump Tower, at the top, they certainly do not.” Fate brought her even further than that. On 20 January 2017, was the girl who at the age of 21 through the streets of the empty city in her homeland of Slovenia, was the 45th First Lady of the United States of America.

The beautiful memories of Jure Zorcic by the spokeswoman for Trump, Hope Hicks, approached by the German Gala, dismissed as ’absolutely false’.

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