EU invites Erdogan for top

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BRUSSELS – The European Union, the Turkish president Erdogan invited for a special summit meeting in Varna on the Black Sea. The summit meeting would be march 26.

European president Donald Tusk and commission president Jean-Claude Juncker in a letter to Erdogan let you know that they are about the mutual relationship, the developments in Turkey and in the region want to talk about.

The relations between the EU and Turkey have in recent years dramatically deteriorated as a result of the witch hunt that the Turkish judiciary has opened on possible supporters of a minister who is a political rival of Erdogan, Fethullah Gulen. The in the USA living Gülen is according to the Turkish government behind the failed military coup d’état in 2016.

Monday, the Netherlands ambassador’s official Ankara recalled. It was a symbolic step, because the diplomat since march last year, Turkey should as a result of internal tensions.

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