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End of an era? Premier League is considering introducing winter break

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The English Premier League is thinking seriously about after a winter break when the next package with tv rights is committed. In the highest voetbaldivisies of Germany, France, Italy, Spain and also with us are the leagues still interrupted by a winter break as well.

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Previously, the Football Association that a winter break is not can be entered prior to the expiration of the televisiedeals in 2019. The negotiations about the tv rights have already been a few months and seem constructive to expire. A break in January is the subject of debate. As the winter break is entered will have no impact on the traditional eindejaarsprogramma of the Premier League. On Boxing Day, second christmas day, there will still always played football.

An agreement on the next package with tv rights for the period 2019-2022 is expected next week. The Premier League hopes on an increase over the current tv deal, which 5,14 billion pound includes, for 168 live matches per season.

A winter break would already cheers welcomed by some coaches. Manchester City-trainer Pep Guardiola stated last month that the eindejaarsprogramma “killing” was for his players. His colleague at Manchester United, Jose Mourinho, said that the lack of a long break, the chances of the English clubs in the Champions League does shrink.

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