Dutch tv presenter reveals own salary

bc6532b90afcb1ab3e4d9e54850e1cc8 - Dutch tv presenter reveals own salary

In the slotaflevering of the Dutch What you earn? has presenter Astrid Joosten (59) revealed how much they earn. Astrid had first vaguely intimated that they are in any case less than the balkenendenorm deserves. “I’ve always been under the balkenendenorm seated,” said Astrid. When guest Bert van der Veer at the end of the program it started that it was unclear what her salary is, she responds: “do you Want to know more? That may hear, 175,000 euro.” Joosten announced beforehand, that she was in the episode her own salary would call. The presenter thought that was as athletic as they are every week, people for the amount of their salary demands.

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