Crisis on Maldives escalates

a145252b6904e753dd525cdcc33603f8 - Crisis on Maldives escalates

The government of the Maldives has for fifteen days the state of emergency is declared. The state of emergency gives the security services and the police more power to arrest, to close, and protest campaigns of the opposition in the bud.

Azima Shukoor, advisor of president Abdullah Yameen, says that the measure is necessary due to the current political turmoil.

After the promulgation of the state of emergency was ex-president Abdul Gayoom for hours held. Gayoom led the country for nearly three decades. He was at home being held, after its support had voted for the opposition coalition that campaigns against president Yameen.

The BBC message that the head of the Supreme court, Abdullah Saeed, and any other judge of the court, Ali hameed ali, also were arrested. It was not said what them is charged with.

The opposition cried in the meantime, the international community to the implementation requirements of a judgment of the Supreme court last week. That ordered the release of opposition leaders and the recovery in function of the twelve members of parliament from the opposition. The government of Yameen refused the order to execute political prisoners, among whom ex-president Mohamed Nasheed.

The repression that president Yameen performs compared to the opposition disrupted the last few years, the paradisiacal image of the islands in the Indian Ocean, the 400,000 inhabitants. The developments of the past few days to do the political chaos increase even more.

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