Crisis Maldives escalates: the judges picked up

4f81b776f8108ba4eaccef26ca45c110 - Crisis Maldives escalates: the judges picked up

COLOMBO – security Forces in the Maldives have two members arrested from the supreme court. Also a former president is held.

Sitting president Abdullah Yameen called on Monday the state of emergency. Later fought against the army, the supreme court, said the head of the professional association of lawyers. He had to say in contact with the highest court.

Security forces seized two judges on the highest court. The police had later know that they are held because of “an ongoing investigation.” The government had previously a decision of the supreme court in addition to resigned themselves. The judges had the release welded from several members of the opposition.

Security forces arrested former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, the half brother of the current leader. His son is one of the members of the opposition who, according to the court released had to be. Another former president, Mohamed Nasheed, has India asked to mediate in the political crisis in the country.

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