Crisis in Maldives: ‘No danger for Belgian tourists’

2b0cb9fe137987a0134885b6997628b7 - Crisis in Maldives: ‘No danger for Belgian tourists’

The dozens of Belgian tourists that are currently in Maldives for a stay, notice little to nothing of the political crisis which currently prevails. Tourists who are on leave to the archipelago, can easily do so, insure, travel.

The Maldives: white sandy beaches, azure sea and exclusive tourist resorts. And, since the beginning of this month, his political problems. The government of the country, a collection of 26 atolls southwest of India, announced Monday the state of emergency.

It is the preliminary culmination of a crisis that this month began, just after the government refused to a judgment of the Supreme court to perform. Then came members of the opposition and misnoegde residents flock the streets of the capital Malé, which the incumbent government than a leader of the opposition and ex-president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom had to pick it up. Heavily armed forces were also the Supreme court, and arrested two judges.

The dozens of Belgian tourists that are currently in the Maldives to stay, however, no danger, sounds at travel company TUI. ‘At this moment, stay’n twenty of our customers in the Maldives. They are not located in the capital, where it is now, indeed, is restless, but safely shielded at one of the resorts. They run no risks, ensures TUI spokesman Piet Demeyere. “Well for the time being, all excursions to the capital, Malé canceled.”


The same sound sounds with professional Thomas Cook. “We are in contact with all our tourists who are there now stay, but none of them experiencing any problems. Our customers are after arriving in the Maldives directly to their resorts, which are on separate islands. From the unrest in the capital prevails, there is no question, ” says spokeswoman Nathalie Meert.

Both companies emphasize further the situation on the spot constantly to monitor’, and not yet to have been contacted by customers who have a scheduled trip to the country want to cancel. ‘If a customer still wishes to do, then we are certainly willing to that request to see’, says Demeyere.

The tourism industry is the beating heart of the economy of the Maldives, accounting for about a third of the gross domestic product.

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