Commission gives ’tegenmemo’ Democrats free

0434ec1ad2c82a382b91e45fdeab93f5 - Commission gives ’tegenmemo’ Democrats free

WASHINGTON – The inlichtingencommissie of the U.s. House of Representatives has decided to ’tegenmemo’ of the Democrats to make it public. Adam Schiff, the top Democrat in the inlichtingencommissie, let them know that unanimously decided the secret document.

The memo is a response to a four page document of the Republicans that was previously released. In it, the federal criminal police, FBI and the ministry of Justice, among other things, accused a judge to have misled in order to get permission to do the spying on a campagnemedewerker of president Donald Trump.

The Democrats found that performance was incorrect and incomplete. With the release of the new document, they want the claims to refute. According to Schiff, is the ‘tegenmemo’ to the White House sent and it will be “very difficult” for the government-Trump to disclose yet.

Trump has five days to decide what the memo is going to do. If Trump for Friday’s memo does not disclose, he will take the Democrats further against him in the harness hunt, because he had that of the Republicans, however, has been released. That was very much against the will of the FBI.

The relationship between the Democrats and Republicans is not the best. A recent survey by Reuters and Ipsos shows that 75 percent of Democrats think the White House and the Republicans, the FBI and the department of Justice of trying to undermine it. Conversely, think 73 percent of the Republicans that the FBI and Justice president Trump trying to undermine.

The poll also shows that a small majority in the US thinks that Trump or a part of his entourage with the Russians has worked to the presidential elections in 2016 to influence.

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