CDU, CSU and SPD to negotiate Tuesday further

1eabb158dda0c122e07a57af48a2ddce - CDU, CSU and SPD to negotiate Tuesday further

BERLIN – The representatives of CDU, CSU and SPD, there are, again, not true in the negotiations on the formation of a new government. Nevertheless, it showed all parties ‘ optimism.

“The wants that it will be a success is there,” said the secretary of the social democrats Lars Klingbeil after the end of the round of talks in Berlin. Tuesday, there must be a definite answer out about a grand coalition. About the distribution of the ministries is so far not yet gone.

The negotiations had Monday night again to be adjourned because the data subjects about various themes in disagreement remained. According to Julia Klöckner, vice-president of CDU, are the points of disagreement, especially in the field of finance, healthcare, labor law and foreign policy. The christian democrats were reportedly not prepared enough to meet the wishes of the SPD.

Klöckner and her partijgenoot Daniel Günther said, hoping to have yet to find agreement. In that case, there may be Wednesday, latest Thursday a coalition agreement.

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