Bruno De Groote replaces Mauro Pawlowski from dEUS

cbeb45ea64cf5d006c426f550d6b5ab8 - Bruno De Groote replaces Mauro Pawlowski from dEUS

The 44-year-old Bruno De Groote replaces Mauro Pawlowski-guitarist with the Flemish rock band dEUS. That has the group attached to Knack Focus. De Groote played previously with Raymond van het Groenewoud and Axelle Red.

By the end of 2016 made Pawlowski known that he is after twelve years the band would steps, and at the beginning of last year the group played a few concerts with Pawlowski. To the public at large is the name of The Great not known. Besides his work with Raymond and Axelle Red played the majority of his career in the blues and jazz, in projects such as Mambo Chillum, Tigers from the Euphrates, and the De Groote-Faes Duo.

“I do not feel the need to do things that I already can”, responds The Great in Knack Focus. “I think it’s just fine that I’m in new territory terechtkom.” That he and Mauro are compared, it will be hurt by The Great. “The opinions will fly around, yes. Mauro has the obvious super, but you can be his personality not to copy.”

The guitarist was in October 2017 are invited to audition in the studio of dEUS. “During that audition, something happened, just as it was for Mauro, drummer Stephane Misseghers and bassist Alan Gevaert was the case,” says frontman Tom Barman, who says that the decision is unanimously taken. According to the Barman is The Great “a pleasant man, with a warm sound, a good voice and a flamboyant podiumprésence”.

The replacement of Pawlowski’s not the first change in the dEUS-occupation. Of the original line-up remain the only Bartender and keyboardist-violinist Klaas Janzoons.

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