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Attracts Belgian top coach Vital Heynen today to Poland?

f5de7d71301d5facdd9862141a87deb1 - Attracts Belgian top coach Vital Heynen today to Poland?

Vital Heynen would today or tomorrow to sign a contract as head coach of the Polish national mannenselectie.

The Observer followed only at the beginning of last year, Dominique Baeyens on the Red Dragons and which led to an unexpected fourth place at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS. Heynen was previously already known that he had applied to get started with the reigning world champion. Currently he combines his job at the Belgian selection with that as a coach of the German titelkandidaat Friedrichshafen. That function, he would, after the end of the season. Moreover, it should Heynen, a lump sum payment to the Belgian federation, which will need to find a replacement in the prospect of the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in september in Italy and Bulgaria.

“It would be a pity had Vital effectively drop out, but our project is running anyway,” said captain Sam Deroo earlier. “The fact is that we have a top coach need to grow further. But there are even.”

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