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Astrid Joosten deserves 175.000 euro

fbabd050571f6febf87428889cdca8ba - Astrid Joosten deserves 175.000 euro

Astrid Joosten promised weeks ago that in the last episode of What you earn? would tell you how much they annually on its account gets credited. That is 175,000 euro.

In the first instance, said Astrid Joosten only that they are less deserved than the Balkenendenorm of 180,000 euro, after a little urging of guest Bert van der Veer, did the presenter, not more difficult.

Bert van der Veer

Bert van der Veer itself also went with the buttocks exposed. He earns in a month in which he had two episodes of home cooked apple pie per week, directs, 7 thousands of euros gross. In addition, he writes articles for various magazines. Van der Veer also told me that he still enjoy it to the tune of GTST that he ever wrote.

Broadcasters not happy

In a interview, Astrid Joosten that the feet in earth had before Astrid her salary on tv should tell. “By the way, we may contract the height of our salaries never go outside. There are the broadcasters not happy with it. Otherwise, there will all the presenters on the sidewalk who find that they have too little money. So, I really need to secure the consent or I, the well-known would make. There is even a directors ‘ meeting will be devoted to it.”

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