Arrest warrant whistleblower Assange remains

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The British arrest warrant against Julian Assange, the founder of klokkenluiderssite Wikileaks, remains in force. That, the court in London Tuesday to decide.

The 46-year-old Julian Assange is living since June 2012 in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. He has asylum there given, after against him a European arrest warrant was issued on the basis of a complaint due to unsafe sex with two women.

But because of that complaint, meanwhile, is classified by the Swedish public prosecutor, argued the lawyers of Assange that the arrest warrant, its ‘purpose and function’ had lost. That argument was Tuesday, however, rejected by the Westminster Magistrates’ Court. The British court accuses Assange that he does not comply with the terms of his conditional release had held when he 2012 to the embassy had fled.

By the decision can Assange can still be arrested as soon as he is in the Ecuadorian embassy exit. Assange fears that he will then be extradited to the United States, where he tried for the publication of hundreds of thousands of secret documents on operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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