Armin van Buuren: No, I’m the headliner not

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Armin van Buuren: No, I’m the headliner not

Armin van Buuren in his own studio in Amsterdam. / Floris Heuer

World-famous dj will find himself not so important during annual party A State of Trance.

Anyone who thinks that Armin van Buuren, five times voted the best dj in the world, shortly after his fortieth career-rem-horn: love it. During fourteen nights The Friends of Amstel Live! he announced his arrival to 538Koningsdag, and he launched a new single, Sex, Love & Water (featuring Conrad Sewell, a singer-songwriter from Australia. On Saturday February 17, capable of seventeenth A State of Trance in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht on the program. The huge trancefeest, in celebration of its 850e worldwide listened to radio show, attracts over the next month, to Sydney, Gliwice (Poland) and the Belgian megafestival Tomorrowland.

Van Buuren on his head in Rotterdam Ahoy. / SNDR

Upside down in Ahoy

If Metro Van Buuren speaks is his last concert during The vrienden van Amstel Live! on the point of start. In show surprised the cheerful musician and producer, friend and enemy – well yes, given the event especially friend during a ‘duet’ with Kensington upside down to hang in a huge dj booth in the ridge of Rotterdam Ahoy. “I found this spicy, fun and something different. That dj booth? Yes, too crazy, and every evening exciting at the same time. There was very good safety thought of that, but upside down in Ahoy hang a moment though. And that hang feels weird.”

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Just like the Friends of’ something quite different, is that also the case for this week was released as a single. He let funk another side of himself. “Not consciously, it was just in a studio in Los Angeles. We have a lot of fun, with the producer with whom I first worked with Scott Storch. Look him on on Wikipedia, he is a living legend. He has worked previously with Dr. Dre, Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, that kind of names. Who knew Conrad Sewell again and together with musicians was a party. And now it is Sex, Love & Water what it is. I myself am in the 80’s grew up, it fits in with this. That, I feel very good. Now I’m not all of this kind of plates, but to kick it.”

I stay busy

Although Armin van Buuren regularly proclaims that you are not in the same style should remain, he remains, despite the trips to the trance faithful, always. “I keep myself like to challenge, but on February 17, is not there for nothing all the seventeenth A State of Trance, and the 850e radio show. The weekly radio show and the show in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht and is still as a train. With trance, I remain in the meanwhile, just simply busy. I do that with love all again twenty years. But don’t be surprised if there are still a few crazy singles arrive hear, that I want you to give away.”

Be In The Moment

Now Of Buuren to edition seventeen is reached, with the theme of Be In The Moment, loom the figures of twenty and perhaps twenty-five slowly. Will he pick up? “Oh, you know, I thought that five hundred for A State of Trance-radio shows already a good number would be, but it was getting bigger and crazier. I do not think much about it after. But as long as I can continue to challenge the… In the field of radio, in the area of trance, in the field of everything. Otherwise it is not fun anymore, eh?”

Armin van Buuren with the singer of Sex, Love & Water. / SNDR

The artist from leiden comes in Utrecht two times himself to offer. He offers a warm set from 21: 00 to 22: 00, prior to the official start, and a main stage show from 01.00 to 03.00 hours. The large valve is Of Buuren. “That warm-up is to arise from the idea that I every dj and a headliner. No, I’m the headliner, I am one of them. And in the night I go for old-fashioned popping of course.” Like him to look – and luistertips for the next edition is asked, sounds right ‘phew, so much’. “If I must choose, then tip I the new fifth hall. There is progressive rotated, and that seems to me particularly. For those who don’t fancy the main stage: there is plenty to do.”

Surprising past

The evening, for A State of Trance From Buuren first seen in the tv program Hidden Past. Therein dives into his family history. “Yes, true. Two weeks ago I by the editors kidnapped and I have a quest for my past. I away only that the end is very surprising. I have even my own wife has not yet told.”

Love for Armin. / Paul Bergen | ANP

What is A State of Trance?

For whom the seventeen-year-long have been overlooked, explains Armin van Buuren A State of Trance, one last time: “A State of Trance is a weekly radio program (in the Netherlands every Friday from 23.00 – 00.00 hours at 538, ed.). Therein you can hear everything what’s new and the trends in trancegebied. Who’s listening know what’s going on. Since episode one hundred it is become a tradition that we each fiftieth extra show live to celebrate with a big party. On February 17, we celebrate in Utrecht with approximately 30,000 people show 850. And further, I dare now to say, is A State of Trance is now the biggest indoor trance & progressive event in the world.” A State of Trance is broadcasted on more than a hundred radio stations and has weekly more than 40 million listeners.

A State of Trance 2018 is almost sold out.

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