Arijan ‘Adje’ of Bavel, and mayor George Dutch from each other

8c6849d7f5ea9be085f494f2ac61ef3a - Arijan 'Adje' of Bavel, and mayor George Dutch from each other

The relationship of Arijan van Bavel, better known as Adje, and mayor George Dutch of Winterswijk is over. On Facebook tells Of Bavel that he returns to Tilburg.

“My big love George and I have decided to part ways, and as friends. In the past year is a very special and emotional year when our living-, work – and private car for both of us greatly have changed. After ten years of intensive with each other, lived and worked, hold that now. That does us both a lot of grief,” says Van Bavel.

The Dutch since april last year, the mayor of Winterswijk. Together with Van Bavel, he produced plays and in 2009 they took a family in the Twente region.

Van Bavel: “I wish George all the best and am very proud of what he has achieved. He is a very involved mayor for Winterswijk, a town where we particularly warm. With pain in my heart, I leave Winterswijk and I return to my trusted Tilburg to have my life to continue. I look back on a wonderful time together, like how we as friends can go and look forward to what the future will bring!”

The Dutch, the town council of Winterswijk via a short statement informed about the breakage, reports The Guardian. He has done that, he writes, because he “as mayor, open and transparent” function wants to be able to exercise. Dutch was at his appointment, the youngest mayor of the Netherlands.

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