Arijan ’Adje’ of Bavel and friend from each other

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Arijan van Bavel (38) and his partner, George Dutch (33), from each other. The actor enjoyed a long time widely known as Adje, the much talked-of character created from shows with Paul de Leeuw. The Dutch mayor of Winterswijk.

On Facebook writes Of Bavel: “My big love George and I have decided to part ways, and as friends. In the past year is a very special and intense year, in which our living-, work – and private car for both of us greatly have changed. After ten years of intensive with each other, lived and worked, hold that now. That does us both much sorrow.”

Van Bavel, which is currently the role of Frits plays in the theatrical performance of In de Vlaamsche Pot, seemed correct already well established to feel in the Achterhoek. In december, he worked along to the christmas musical primary school in Winterswijk.

“Pain in my heart”

“I wish George all the best and am very proud of what he has achieved. He is a very involved mayor for Winterswijk, a town where we particularly warm. With pain in my heart, I leave Winterswijk and I return to my trusted Tilburg to have my life to continue. I look back on a wonderful time together, like how we as friends can go and look forward to what the future will bring.”

The Dutch, meanwhile, a small year in his office and at that time the youngest mayor of the Netherlands, has not yet on the fraction reacted.

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