Anonymous jury in the case of ‘El Chapo’

f2e96d93e0988b08082c25850bcbee5e - Anonymous jury in the case of 'El Chapo'

NEW YORK – The jury in the upcoming trial against Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán may be anonymous about the fate of the Mexican drug lord to decide. Judge Brian Cogan has the request of the Public Prosecutor, granted, had Justice in the US Tuesday to know.

The twelve members of the jury, that have not yet been designated, by that measure protected against any possible retaliation from the minions of Guzmán. Their names and addresses are not disclosed to the press, prosecutors, or lawyers. Get them during the handling of the case also the care of the police.

Cogan motivated its decision by pointing to the violence of Guzmán. As the boss of the Sinaloa cartel, he left by mercenaries, hundreds of people kill, torture or kidnap. He is in New York in solitary confinement for contacts with the outside world to prevent.

The faithful have vowed Guzmán, to help. Serves as evidence of a video message from California prisoners who last month appeared on YouTube. ,,We are the killers to find him worry”, they said according to the Los Angeles Times in Spanish. They stated, moreover, that Guzmán has more than 3500 soldiers.

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