Anger about the contestant stay of Execution

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Social media is a big fuss about Karin, who Tuesday night was the Postponement of the Execution. After a divorce and the loss of her job, she stayed behind with a house and threatened them themselves hugely in debt to work. The klusteam of the program shot to help, but that could Karin not particular charm.

The entire apartment was remodeled to make it as good as possible, to be able to sell. As Martijn Krabbé her to show you around the ’new’ house, it is the presenter that Karin is not happy with the end result. “It’s not my taste”, she knows just. Despite the hard work of the klusteam, that is literally the entire apparatement tackled, is the Karin that there is still some touch missing. “I’m actually bloedchagrijnig.”

On social media the woman meanwhile with the ground. “I see by chance stay of Execution, and the woman says “this is not my taste”…. And is then disappointed that the house is not finished. There may be a sloopploeg come over?”, thus a Twitterer. Someone else writes: “You all would be there again from them! What a dragon…”

Also, on Twitter the comparison is made with other Karin, who in 2015 was to be seen in Help My Husband Is a Handyman, the klusprogramma of John Williams. She was unhappy about the renovation of her kitchen. So was the contestant that there are too few power sockets were placed. After the broadcast was Karin many hate mails and complained they the creators of the program.

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