Also Damiano and Wendy from now on, a man and a woman

0893afb219d26ec8e961d93ad5619dbf - Also Damiano and Wendy from now on, a man and a woman

In episode two of Blind Married is also the third torque Damiano and Wendy got married on board. Also, the last two couples were by the experts assembled.

“The bullet is through the church, and now the experiment will begin. We go to both of us hurl!”, it sounded excited at teacher and personal trainer Damiano immediately after his ‘ yes ‘ to the 30-year-old Antwerp Wendy. The first impression of each other was positive already:

“He has a beautiful smile, beautiful eyes, and he is great. Damiano is a lovely man. I immediately thought: with such a person, I see me together”, laughed Wendy. Also Damiano has no second doubt: “There is a fun vibe, we laugh at both, and both are social. This is a good start. Wendy has a really nice energy, I’m curious to get to know her”.

From the hall left the new couple on trouwshoot, quite a different experience if you like each other just know. Wendy had little problem with it, but was still a bit uncertain: “I have to honestly say that I have that really nice and romantic thought, to walk hand in hand during the shoot. But I have the whole time a little voice in my head that asks: “is he actually nice?’ I don’t know, eh”. Damiano admitted that no evidence is: “It is very difficult to wedding pictures with someone you don’t know. You need to be in each other’s eyes, each other to hold it. That is not easy, hey.”

After the shoot it was high time to relieve stress in the moment to dance. Not only Wendy and Damiano itself, but also the family and friends that already for weeks nervous with aftelden to the big day. After a fun party, drew the couple back to the hotel for some well deserved rest. “It does take getting used to that there are suddenly a man in boxer shorts, and no wrong body, in my room walking around. I’m not saying that I mind”, laughed Wendy. A nice start for the two.

Will that also be the case with Tim and Esther and Tone, and Three, the last two couples by the experts were compiled? You can see it in the third episode of Blind Married on Monday 12 February.

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