Again false alarm: still no tsunami in USA

4e0c76cc0ea30c1399165a4fcadbe5f5 - Again false alarm: still no tsunami in USA

CHARLESTON – A routineproef with a weather alert from the U.s. weather service NWS has on the Us east coast led to a tsunami warning. A lot of people got the NWS-test Tuesday on their phone or via other media under eyes as if it were a real alarm.

The NWS do not know how this error Tuesday is made. The NWS stressed that he is the message, not itself in the public has spread, but that the alarm is set by at least one other private party is sent. Thus, according to NBC News, many people in Miami, Charleston, New York and Houston to the scare.

In January, Hawaii was startled by a false alarm about an impending missile attack. There was accidentally a message sent that there is a ballistic missile in the way it was. The alarm coincided with tensions between president Donald Trump and the North-Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, who is proud that he is American cities can strike with nuclear missiles.

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