Abdeslam says for Belgian process

b0c410a7a6b9e7356287d494107a8d7b - Abdeslam says for Belgian process

BRUSSELS – Terreurverdachte Salah Abdeslam wants Thursday, not present at the court case against him in Brussels. The president of the court, Luc Hennart, let us know. Why the 28-year-old Frenchman does not wish to appear is not published.

The Belgian Public Prosecutor demanded Monday the first hearing will be a twenty year prison sentence against Abdeslam and a co-suspect to a shootout with agents in the Brussels municipality of Vorst in 2016. He relied on his right to remain silent, but said, however, that the judges, the presumption of innocence were not likely to respect.

Abdeslam is regarded as the only surviving terrorist from the attacks in Paris, france, in november 2015, 130 deaths. When he is tried, is still unknown.

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