A pregnant woman with cancer gets help from Kate and Leonardo

168d1dd0cf039088c86b0407f5438d78 - A pregnant woman with cancer gets help from Kate and Leonardo

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio have the heart in the right place, as we have seen with a story that Kate shared during a visit to the British talk show This Morning.

The iconic Titanic duo veilde themselves as their alter-ego’s Rose and Jack, so as to raise money for the British woman Gemma Nuttall, which is an aggressive form of cancer on her ovaries appeared to have while she was pregnant. Gemma refused any form of medication until after delivery, because the life of her unborn child otherwise would be terminated.

Kate and Leonardo veilden three dinners with Rose and Jack at a fundraiser of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which together command nearly a million euros in fees. The mother of Gemma was already a crowdfundingsactie started, to make money, aswell for the expensive surgeries that her daughter had to undergo after her baby was born. The cancer returned not one, but two times back.

The marrow

Gemma’s story grabbed Kate pretty, because her own mother died last year on the consequences of ovarian cancer. “While I was online was looking for treatments for my mom, I came across a petition for Gemma, which is money collected for a very expensive treatment. A woman of 28 years with a small child…that went with me to the marrow. After I her mother had called, I thought: “Now is the time to my friend Leo to turn’.”

Leonardo was immediately on board after Kate him about Gemma told. “Kate, why come you not to my fundraiser in Saint-Tropez this summer, where we ourselves as Jack and Rose to the highest bidder can auction? I’m sure that a lot of brings money”, reageertde he. DiCaprio got the same, and thus saw the future of the terminal, Gemma, there are suddenly a lot better.

Personal phone call

“I can Kate and Leonardo not thank you enough,” said an emotional Gemma. “I didn’t believe it at first, but when Kate I personally called, I had through that it was really true that these two, for me, came into action. Kate is a mother of three children and understands how it is to have a sick mother.”

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