Xavier Dolan does Jessica Chastain from the film

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Xavier Dolan insists the decision has nothing to do with Jessica Chastain. Her story no longer fits with the tone of the film.

Jessica Chastain from the movie the Death or Life of John F. Donovan cut. Director Xavier Dolan announced on Instagram that the actress in Zero Dark Thirty the movie has been removed because the final version of his new film lasted four hours, and that turned out to be too long. In addition, adjusted its storyline is no longer with the tone of the film.

“It was an extremely difficult decision,” he wrote on Instagram. He says that he, the actress is high has, but that the decision on editorial grounds was taken.

The director of Mommy explained that during the termination process, it was clear that the film was about family dynamics, childhood, and dreams, about heroes and their nemesis. Dolan became more and more convinced that Jessica’s storyline not to the rest of the film heard.

“Jessica has from the very beginning of this project defended”, he continued. “She is a great actress, a politically committed artist, and someone who is relentlessly the things to defend in which they believe. She is respected by her peers and loved by her audience.

Jessica’s storyline was that of Moira McCallister-King, a publisher of a roddelblad that the correspondence exposes between an American tv star, played by Kit Harington, and the 11-year-old Rupert.

The film, which also includes Susan Sarandon, Natalie Portman, Thandie Newton and Kathy Bates shine, still has no release date.

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