Wietze de Jager is already back on radio with ’wendagen’

8c66707dbc8ed90f65197a42139387dd - Wietze de Jager is already back on radio with ’wendagen’

After an absence of almost a year, returned Wietze de Jager Sunday night, back on the radio. The former Qmusic-dj presented from midnight to a programme on Radio 538.

The dj made last week is already known that he started to work at 538, but gave not the price the station would do, and when to listen. Listeners asked him during his first broadcast immediately or to the early maandaguren its fixed hours would be, but there is, according to Wietze not the case. “See this as wendagen. My daughter had that also on the crèche, and I do that here at 538.”

His return to radio caused some tension with the presenter. He told his listeners that he is a very long time to think about what it is he after all the fuss would say in his comeback. “And I can tell you: I’m still not. I can say that I really am stressed at the moment. My mother always said: do it, then it’s gone. Well I can tell you mom: that is so not the case.”

Wietze was a long time radioduo Mattie Valk by Qmusic, but the two took to fighting each other. He is recently seen as a presenter on SBS6, but let us know very back to longing for the radiomaken.

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