What is going on with Canvas?

39483ff85384d35e5cc545168987374d - What is going on with Canvas?

It is the last time around Canvas. Very quiet even. Also journalists hear barely anything about. The voorjaarspresentatie? There was no press conference for organized, even no press release issued. Everything was in a tweet. What is going on? Canvas is still without network manager. Reinhilde Weyns was in november on sick leave sent, and before the end of the year there would be a successor. That is still not, according to The Standard. In the corridors you can even hear that no more would come. That a ‘deputy’ would be appointed, who, as creative boss both One if Canvas is going to drive. Meanwhile, running Canvas on tv steadily, with programs that already a while ago, were ordered and made. But for the longer term is all cloudy. Even Culture Club is a quiet death died.

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