View the first season of “Sherlock” every Thursday night on BBC First

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BBC First, on the Netherlands and Flanders directional transmitter of the BBC, broadcasts from 8 February every Thursday an episode of the first season of the topserie “Sherlock” with Benedict Cumberbatch in the lead role. As always, on BBC First is the series with English subtitles.

A woman in pink is murdered found in her abandoned home, the fifth victim of a killer without any demonstrable motive. Inspector Lestrade is the best Scotland Yard has happened, but he knows that he is compared to a young man, Sherlock Holmes is called, nothing… John Watson: doctor, soldier, war hero, lost soul. He is just back from the war in Afghanistan as a chance encounter puts him in touch with Sherlock Holmes. Holmes: loner, detective, genius. Sherlock recognizes it as a software designer at his tie, a luchtvaartpiloot to his thumb. He has a unique analytical brain, unheard by anyone in the world, and earn a living by solving crimes. The more outrageous or onbegrijpelijker, the better. A larger difference between the two men is hardly imaginable, but Sherlocks brilliant intelligence linked to Johns pragmatism forges soon an indissoluble covenant. In three exciting, frightening, and extremely entertaining television drama with a lot of action to follow Sherlock, a John, a maze of cryptic clues and killers to learn the truth. the World’s favorite detective shows. With sparkling scripts and unforgettable gaming performance of the two leads, this is Sherlock Holmes for a new generation.

Watch “Sherlock” from 8 February every Thursday at 21h on BBC First!

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