Vera Mann says Robert Long-hommage af

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Actress Maaike Widdershoven replaces Vera Mann in the hommageprogramma about Robert Long that coming season in the theatres. That has production company Beautiful Weather announced Monday.

Maaike Widdershoven is known for her roles in West Side Story, Elisabeth, The Sound of Music and Willem Ruis: the show of your life. The choice for her was made after Vera Mann, the production house did not know longer want to do. The reason wants the agency of the late Robert Long not disclose.

The hommageprogramma has as a title The day that I Robert Long met. The performance is enhanced because the in 2006 deceased chansonnier next year, 75-year-old would have become. Other actors in the show, Dieter Troubleyn, Julia Autumn and Roberto the Great. All of the singers and tell the story about their encounter with Robert Long and the way the singer made a lasting impression she has made. Also they bring you all the highlights from the work of Long to sing, accompanied by a combo.

Robert Long (1943-2006) was a singer, writer, comedian and presenter. He wrote often fierce songs where he is clearly a statement made: he was positive for the environment and for sexual tolerance and against capitalism, the church and hypocrisy. He made dozens of albums and received several awards, including six Edison awards and a Golden Harp. His first Dutch language album Sooner or later from 1974 was 118 weeks in the charts. He died at the end of 2006, the consequences of peritoneal carcinomatosis.

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