Van Nieuwkerk about transgendergrap: ’Kwajongenswerk’

7524ac7adcaf7b219bfb6dfae3388657 - Van Nieuwkerk about transgendergrap: ’Kwajongenswerk’

At the start of the program The World is Running out tafeldame Dieuwertje Blok Monday night, her discontentment about the ’bad joke’ by René van der Jibe about VTM-journalist Bo boudewijn van Spilbeeck. Presenter Matthijs van Nieuwkerk breaks in, says that he thinks that none of them are homophobic, and calls it ’kwajongenswerk’.

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Dieuwertje says actually no words to dirty to want to worry about the performance of ’Renate’ van der Jibe at the table with Football Inside, but begins her story about the broadcast of last Friday. “I thought it was a silly misplaced joke. And the homophobic that they have, it’s just a little timid males who are afraid of their own masculinity”, says Dieuwertje.

“May I just briefly respond?” breaks Matthijs. “If I even for a second would think that these three men are homophobic or racist, I would like the button to switch it off.” Dieuwertje remains in its position and Matthijs fill, and then: “I will make it stronger to tell, I know they’re not actually good and Johan Derksen has never anything nice said about me. If I ’m such study, and I do that often, because I often watch the program, and with pleasure, I think that there is a man sitting with a small heart. Kwajongenswerk.”

And then he adds: “Often shamelessly, maybe even distasteful, sometimes over the edge.” Yet, Dieuwertje still with the DWDD-presenter disagrees and says that she is very impressed by the visit of Bo boudewijn van Spilbeeck in the program.

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