Van der Jibe: we will stop there anyway just?

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Van der Jibe: we will stop there anyway just?

René van der Jibe/REUTERS

Football Inside since Friday night the topic of conversation after the performance of ‘Renate van der Jibe’. Principal René van der Jibe responded Monday night in the first broadcast since all the resulting fuss.

Completely blown

“Then we stop there anyway just?”, so does the former professional footballer. “We are completely blown. We are completely lost. Absolutely! People who are not interested in the program, but just to see if we have anything wrong to say.”

He gets applause from fellow Johan Derksen. “As long as I sit here I pull me nothing of selective outrage. I say what I think. Or they remove me from the tube or they let me make my own way.”

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Hectic 72 hours

Yet there was the past 72 for buzz surrounding Football Inside. Homobelangenorganisaties COC and TNN requirements that the sponsor of the program would comment on the matter.

That was not for the first time. Because in december were main sponsors Heineken and Gillette all have to run away because of the alleged homophobic, sexist and racist jokes at the table were made. Eventually, some of the sponsors in and changed nothing.

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