Twenty years demanded against Salah Abdeslam

ad969d460e5a5ced44ee236723c404ae - Twenty years demanded against Salah Abdeslam

BRUSSELS – Terrorist Salah Abdeslam heard this afternoon twenty years imprisonment against requirements. The public prosecutor finds that his co-suspect Soufiane Ayari as long. The two are this week in Brussels for a shooting in forest in march 2016.

The pair is suspected of attempting to murder police officers. According to the Public Ministry is a terrorist act, what the maximum penalty to twenty years. Salah Abdeslam and Soufiane Ayari had, together with Mohammed Belkaïd holed up in an apartment in the Brussels suburb of Vorst. When the police invaded they have not for a moment want to vomit, and the fire opened, said prosecutor Kathleen Grosjean.

Belkaïd was by a sniper off, the other two escaped. Ayari claims that he has not shot, Abdeslam shrouds itself in silence. Because the dna of Ayari is detected on a kalashnikov, and reports indicate that more than one weapon is shot, suspect Grosjean that he has shot. Of Abdeslam is that is by no means certain, but according to the Public Prosecutor’s office, all three men are equally guilty of the shooting.

Salah Abdeslam refuses to answer questions, making the process much smoother than planned. The lawyers of the victims and suspects come today and tomorrow still to the word. The court shall, within one month of judgment.

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