Turks establish military post at Aleppo

eeebdded9e402edef5963034f18169cb - Turks establish military post at Aleppo

ISTANBUL – Turkish armed forces have on Monday a military observation post located southwest of Aleppo, near al-Eis. The army of the government-Erdogan is deeper in Syria penetrated after an agreement with Russia and Iran about reducing the violence in the region. Of de-escalation is, however, nothing to note.

Turkey was recently the region of Afrin in order to prevent Kurdish YPG militias there have too much power. Erdogan, which the YPG lieert to the terrorist organisation PKK, said the entire border area towards Manbij and further to the east under control.

By the agreement with Moscow and Tehran, the Turkish troops further to the south, drawn towards the province of Idlib. Last week it was a Turkish convoy still forced to withdraw, now is according to a legerwoordvoerder the advance have succeeded. There will be more verkenningsposten.

Idlib is one of the last strongholds of rebels fighting against Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, ally of the Kremlin. Russian aircraft intensified Sunday the attacks in Idlib after rebels, a Russian fighter jet from the air had taken. The pilot came to life.

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