Timberlake brings controversial tribute Prince

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Justin Timberlake during its halftime show at the Super Bowl Sunday paid tribute to Prince. The 2016 death singer was on a big screen during the concert of Justin, a piece of Prince’ hit I Would Which 4 You sang.

The tribute to the singer, originally from the Super Bowl location this year in Minneapolis, was somewhat controversial. Footballbond NFL previously made known to that Prince during the show to see as a hologram. Fans and friends of the singer were then in rebellion, because Prince wars was of that technology. Among others, singer Sheila E., who a lot of with the Purple Rain singer was working, came in protest. Saturday she left on Twitter know that she and Justin Timberlake had spoken, and that there is no hologram would come during the show.

Justin showed during his performance Sunday a lot of his hits hear. He began the show backstage, where a club was reconstructed. He then came onto the field with the song Rock Your Body, a song with a Super Bowl history. In 2004, during that song, the controversial incident in which Justin a piece of clothing of Janet Jackson deleted, in which her nipple was to be seen. The time, that Nipplegate is going to be called, made sure that the show today with a few second delay to broadcast.

The 37-year-old singer has garnered praise with its tight choreography, but the vocals during the halftime show was not anyone to speak. That also seemed to lie at the technique, so Justin is not at all times equally good to hear was.

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