Theo Francken wants private school set up

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If he stops with politics, Theo Francken, a private school set up. “One with nothing but inspired teachers, that the most of students can get.” That says the Secretary of state for Asylum and Migration Theo Francken – of training teacher – tomorrow night at Luk Alloo, in the first episode of a new season of Alloo, the reportageprogramma of VTM NEWS. Francken admits that he is very much on his guard as there are cameras in the area, but Luk get him relaxed to talk about his dreams and achievements.

Theo Francken: “I would like a starting school. That is a dream of mine. A school with motivated teachers, the young and the old. There is a need to. It all starts there of the society. I often do not agree with certain schools. Excel, the excellent to do as a pupil, at some schools, as a term of abuse. Equal opportunities are very important, but everyone must have their own talents can develop. Not everyone can be the same. Children need up to can excel.”

For days has Luk Alloo the most popular politician of the moment, closely followed, even when he was in the middle of the storm around the repatriation of Sudanese refugees. And Francken remains in its position. He carries the European rules on migration just.
Theo Francken: “If you have a very different immigration starts to draw, then you know that your headwind is going to get. It is 30 years walked in the wrong direction, with all kinds of ngos and lawyers that millions of earn on the hood of that poor creatures. Of course, do everything to break you. That I knew when I started. You get the immigration-industry is not just small. But I have the support of the population. They are not. And we are in a democracy. I adjust the law. I would like to hear from those roeptoeters what their solution is. But I hear them not.”

Theo Francken is always a cock-up-the-front. That also smacks Rika, his teacher of History at the Montfortcollege in Rotselaar where he is at boarding school, sat. “Theo was a very interested student who would like the discussion to go on. Never rising. I’ve always liked les given to him.” Theo is still as proud as he is of the school. His humanities, he has nothing but good memories.

Three times per week starts Francken his day on the cabinet with a jogging by Brussels. To any of the work themselves. Of the sustained criticism from the opposition, he has no burden.

Theo Francken: “I have always celebrated. My trainer always said: if you are a good boxer wants to be, then you not only can hit, but also can collect. If you can’t, go better to a game of pingpong. I can also take crushing blows, I should than but as they fight back.”

And sometimes the criticism far. Swaying Francken away as a political game. Theo Francken: “Racist, fascist, nazi… That is the route of the PS. That touches not me. The left wants the debate did not run. If you are a fellow nazi or fascist calls, then that is a political gesture to someone silenced and the debate to stifle. Because they can’t handle. They have no alternative, no solution. The left has totally failed in the story of migration and integration. They want the debate simply does not run, because they can’t win. Therefore, they go on a karaktermoord commit. They call you a fascist, a nazi and thus stops the debate.”

The following weeks brings Luk Alloo in Alloo With still portraits of, among others, Ingeborg and Will Tura.

Alloo, Tuesday, at 21.45 on VTM.

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