The netherlands under the spell of ‘The Luizenmoeder’

e3fe86266a57197b8fb2ae0bcf70d7ba - The netherlands under the spell of 'The Luizenmoeder'

The netherlands has a new kijkcijferkanon. The now fourth episode of “The Luizenmoeder’ on NPO 3 last night for almost 3.5 million viewers trailed. Also in Belgium get the series attention, because, inter alia, The Standard wrote about the familiar situations in the program.

‘The Luizenmoeder’ by our Neighbors as a rocket. The first episode drew 844.000 people. Then, there were 1.4 million, last week, more than 2.4 million, and now more than a million more, according to official figures. The comic series takes place at primary school The Ivy and projecting in an exaggerated and humorous way recognizable situations.

‘The Luizenmoeder’ established earlier also another record: never before followed so many people a tv program via delayed viewing. To the first episode, for example, looked at later in the week a further 750,000 people.

For those who are interested in the first episodes of ‘The Luizenmoeder’ still to revise it, you can find these on the website of NPO.

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