The Luizenmoeder continues to break records

64f95b7a266ae67abf99d12143529a08 - The Luizenmoeder continues to break records

The series of The Luizenmoeder has Sunday night set a new record. There watched the fourth episode of almost 3.5 million people. That is over a million more than last week Sunday, the figures of the Foundation for sight examination.

The popular program scores each week higher viewers and broke even twice the record of delayed viewing. The previous episode got 2.4 million viewers on Sunday night and a total of 3.9 million viewers, including the people who in the course of the week ’postponed’ looked. These figures are from the fourth episode only about a week available.

The series, with Jennifer Hoffman, and Henry van Loon, talks about the troubles of Miss Ank, schoolmaster Anton and mother Hannah elementary school in Ivy.

The second program in the top of best viewed programs, Studio Sport, drew nearly 2.3 million viewers. This is followed by the NOS Journaal 2.2 million. Through the heart of China attracted 1.2 million customers and the satirical hits Sunday, with Well-and This was the news were not much, with both around 1.1 million viewers.

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