Temptation-torque Pommeline and Merijn from each other

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Just now the new season of Temptation Island started, Pommeline, and Merijn, who participated in the previous season, Monday not so great news. The couple that has found during the program, has decided to end their relationship.

On Instagram writes Pommeline over the break: “Dear followers! 2017 was a super nice year, in which Merijn and I have a lot of fun things have lived and moments shared that I will never forget, Unfortunately, comes at all the pretty things to an end.”

The Belgian babe continues: “Despite the fact that we are very, very much love each other, we have a point put behind our relationship. There are the last weeks many things happened which we are not in the details. I was as the way home is lost, and must be a number of things for myself to figure out the upcoming time. I’ve really had a fantastic time with him and he will miss very much. Making mistakes is human, but certainly very painful and unfortunate..”

Pommeline leave in the middle what exactly happened and asks for understanding for the way how they deal with it.

Merijn’s relationship with Lisa survived last year’s Temptation Island. In april were Merijn and Pommeline their relationship officially known.

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